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Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Outperforms Wind Power on a Global Scale

With the continued increase in renewable energy use across the United States and Europe solar power outperforms wind power in terms of returns on investments on a global scale, according to a recent report from […]

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Record-Breaking Milestone For American Wind Power

Wind power has hit an important milestone in America, with 980 working wind installations generating 70 gigawatts of renewable electricity. Solar power gets a lot of attention because it’s so much more visible to many […]

Australia’s Prime Minister Cuts Funding for Wind Power

Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, doesn’t like wind turbines. He has made dramatic cuts in government subsidies for wind farms, in a move that’s sure to hold back Australia’s renewable energy sector. Tony Abbott has […]

Wind Power On The Wane Worldwide

A U.S. turnaround in new installations in the next year or so should help, but in the first half of 2013, wind power on a global scale was in the doldrums.

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Wind Power Draws Facebook To Iowa

“An abundance of wind-generated power” is chief of among the reasons Facebook will build a new data center in Iowa, the company said.